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 AIA Top 10 1997


Center for Regenerative Studies


Pomona, CA

Dougherty + Dougherty


The Center for Regenerative Studies is based on the concept of building a functioning human ecosystem, incorporating human wants and needs into nature's patterns of energy and material flows and processes of change. The mission of CRS is education, demonstration, and research in regenerative systems for human life support in the context of a residential student community working with an interdisciplinary group of faculty and scholars.

Students and faculty live on site, grow food, work with the animal and aquaculture systems, and interact as a small community with shared governance and cleaning/maintenance responsibilities.

Durant Road Middle School

Raleigh, NC

Innovative Design



Durant School is a year-round school designed to accommodate 1,300 students from sixth through eighth grade.

The design concept is based on a plan elongated east-west to take advantage of southern orientation for natural daylighting and winter passive solar gain through the continuous single-sloped roof monitors.

The design team focused primarily on economics, energy use, daylighting, and performance of the students and faculty.

Green Building Challenge

Herman Miller Greenhouse

Holland, MI

William McDonough + Partners


Miller SQA, a subsidiary of Herman Miller, Inc., commissioned William McDonough + Partners to design a 295,000-square-foot office, manufacturing, and distribution center.

The crescent-shaped, single-story structure follows the natural contours of the site, and is adjoined by a created wetland, which processes and purifies the building's stormwater. The building is heated and cooled passively, is daylit, and is equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation systems.

Way Station

Frederick, MD

The ENSAR Group, Inc.


The directors and staff of Way Station think of their building as a "clubhouse" — a place where "members" with long-term mental illnesses voluntarily come for clinical treatment and rehabilitation, and to take advantage of opportunities to work and socialize with other members and staff.

Way Station put an emphasis on health promotion techniques in the design of their facility. Holistic health features include: natural lighting, non-toxic materials and products, frequent air exchange, organic shapes, textures and plant materials, handicap accessibility, and an open space design to assist those with special impairments.

Body Shop U.S. Headquarters

Wake Forest, NC

Design Harmony



National Public Radio Headquarters

Washington DC

Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates



Natural Resource Defense Council Hdqtrs.

New York, NY

Croxton Collaborative Architects



New Canaan Nature Center Solar Greenhouse

New Canaan, CT

Donald Watson, FAIA



Prince Street Technologies

Atlanta, GA

Thompson Ventulett Stainback & Associates


Women's Humane Society Animal Shelter

Bensalem, PA

Susan Maxman Architects




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