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Green Building Pages Benchmarking Sustainability Criteria GREENGUARD
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Description: GREENGUARD is a single attribute, third-party certification for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the use phase of the product life with the following specific certification programs: GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified: A product certification program for low-emitting building materials, furniture, furnishings, finishes, cleaning products, electronics and consumer products. GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified: A product certification program for low-emitting building materials, furniture, finishes, cleaning products, electronics and consumer products used in environments where children and other sensitive populations spend extended periods of time. All GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified products meet the stringent GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification requirements, including limits outlined in California's Department of Public Health Services Standard Practice for Specification Section 01350, and undergo both annual re-certification and quarterly quality monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance. GREENGUARD Standard for Cleaners & Cleaning Maintenance Systems: This standard includes a review of measured chemical emissions across a broad range of risk based exposure levels established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the State of California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), in addition to the requirements of the GREENGUARD Children & Schools Standard. This standard requires product emissions be less than defined risk-based air concentration levels for both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) exposures. GREENGUARD Select Certified: The GREENGUARD Select Certification Program offers manufacturers increased flexibility—and choice—when it comes to communicating their product emissions performance to the marketplace. Participating in this elite program demonstrates market leadership in minimizing chemical exposure from products based on recommendations and requirements from public health agencies.
Certification Type: Type III - Independent third party certification
Governance Greenguard Environmental Institute
Verification: Laboratory testing
Transparency: Product information not publicly available; - transparent certification criteria, evaluation process
LEED Reference: Yes
Cost: Varies
Production & Manufacture[+/-]    
Life Cycle Assessment
Life Cycle Assessment
Life Cycle Impact Assessment
Life Cycle Impact Assessment
Carbon Footprint
Footprint Calculation/Verification
Extraction Impact
Total percent recycled or re-used material
Renewable Resources
Uses Toxic or Carcinogenic Materials or Chemicals
Disclosure of Inputs
Toxic Materials Lists
Re-sourcing Waste Products (input for another product)
On-Site Waste Treatment
Disclosure of Outputs
Water Conservation
Waste Water Handling
Energy Conservation
On-Site Renewable Energy Source for Manufacturing Facility
Green Energy Provider
Green Energy Investing
Gas Emissions
Greenhouse Gas Emission
Ozone Depleting Gases
Quantity of Packaging by Volume
Recycled Content
Packaging Components (LACCD Closed Loop Program)
Collection and Return of Packaging for Re-Use
Steps Taken to Reduce Packaging
Average Distance from Supply to Manufacture
Average Distance from Manufacture to Distribution
Mode of Transport
Steps Taken to Reduce Environmental Impact of Transportation
Chain of Custody
Supplier Information Disclosure
Installation, Use & Maintenance[+/-]    
Embodied Energy
Toxic Materials
Use & Maintenance
Embodied Energy
Toxic Materials
Off Gassing Tests new products for emissions thresholds for formaldehyde, total aldehydes, total volatile organic compounds(TVOCs), and 1/10 of the threshold limit value (TLV) for many other compounds and other chemicals of concern, from 1-7 days after manufacture; GREENGUARD Children & Schools adjusts to allow no greater than 1/100 Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) or no greater than 1/2 California's Chronic Reference Exposure Levels (CRELs), whichever is lower, and limits emissions of phthalates.
Off-gassing during installation
Off-gassing during use
Off-gassing during maintenance
Energy/Resource Consumption During Use
Designed for Conservation
Product Efficiency Over Time
Durability & Performance
Life Expectancy of Product
Product Performance Over Time
Product Repair or Warranty
End of Product Life[+/-]    
Product Reclamation Program
Alternative Disposal
Reclamation Program
Product Reincarnation
Re-Use of Product and/or Parts
Recyclability of Product and/or Parts
Biodegradability of Product and/or Parts
Company Social Profile[+/-]    
Occupational Health & Safety
Policy and Claims
OSHA Standards
Company Environmental Policy
Environmental Education/Training
Environmental Policy & Claims
Environmental Goals
Facilities Recycling (Paper, Plastics, Aluminum, Scrap Metals)
Wage Equity
"Living wage" policy
CEO Salary ratio
Gender Equality
Policy & Goals
Diversity Issues
Human Rights
Human Rights
Child Labor
Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits
Corporate Generosity
Community Reinvestment
Charitable Giving
Social Chain of Custody
Supplier Information Disclosure
Sustainability Reporting
Sustainability Reporting
Product certifications
Company certifications
LEED Building Certification
Product testing
Animals or animal by-products used in any product or process (including testing)
Disclosure of Information
Company Information Disclosure
Product Information Disclosure
Sustainable Achievement Award
Other Achievements