Case Studies
1321 West Pratt

1321 West Pratt
Baltimore, MD

Sustainable Design Group

Contact: John Spears
(301) 428-1040

Low-income single-family renovation which features a passive solar design, daylighting, low-e windows, and energy efficient appliances.
Furbish-Bathon Residence

Pasadena, MD


Contact info. being updated

Straw-bale walls, a total of 600 sq. ft. of green roof, combined domestic hot water/ radiant heating floor system, salvaged cast iron columns, and composting toilet system.
Island Co-housing

Martha's Vineyard, MA

South Mountain Company

Contact: South Mountain Company

Combined co-housing/single business development. Result: 16 single family homes, a common house, and other communally owned facilities on 29 acres.
Paseo Colorado Project

Pasadena, CA

Contact: City of Pasadena
(626) 744-3374

Combined retail space and 400 apartments to revitalize an area of downtown.
Tidwell Residence

Takoma Park, MD

Contact: Mike Tidwell
(310) 270-3722

Mike converted his house to renewable energy and drastically reduced their greenhouse gas emissions on a tight budget. He added solar panels, a corn burning stove for heat and a solar hot-water system for a total price of $7,500. He accomplished this by taking advantage of local plans and incentives. The difference in price per month for the upgrade is $38.83.
Toffe Cabin

Toffe, MN

Sarah Nettleton, AIA

Contact: Sarah Nettleton
(612) 334-9667

Winner of 2002 AIA Top Ten Green Projects. A renovation of a 1947 cabin is a model of sustainable design, an air-to-air heat exchanger provides ventilation and a super-insulated thermal envelope minimizing the load on the geothermal heat pump in-floor heating system.
Village Homes

2417 Bucklebury Rd.
Davis, CA 95616

Town Planners

Contact: Mr. Michael Corbett
(916) 756-5941

Village Homes is a small community that focuses on community living. There are fruit and nut trees that can be harvested by the community at no charge. There are several bike paths through out the community, nearly eliminating any need of a car. All houses have solar panels on the roofs. Many houses have solar hot water panels. The community uses 50% less energy than surrounding homes. The community has eliminated fenced in yards and uses open comon areas instead.
Whitcomb Residence

290 Solar Way
Aspen, CO 81611

John Katzenberger and Paul Rubin

Contact: Philippa and Harold Whitcomb
Contact info. being updated

This company has an essay in the Sustainable Architecture White Pages: Seventies Solar: A Personal Account. Their residence incorporates water and energy saving innovations. They used low-flow toilets and showers and the countryÕs first approved graywater system. They used a Trombe wall and solar collectors for their hot water. They used a six inch thick poured concrete wall system with four inch insulation in the middle. They also incorporated many salvaged and recycled materials. The wood, marble, cement, the rubble and plaster walls and the absence of gas appliances provide an environment that is healthy and comfortable.
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