Educational Institutions

Georgia Tech Because high technology is so key to environmental health in the future, Georgia Tech is making themselves get involved with the environmental movement. They are doing this by building a major program focusing on sustainability in their colllege.
Florida Solar Energy Center Currently the nation's largest and most active state-supported renewable energy and energy-efficiency research and training organization. Valuable resource for current information on renewables, info on funding prospects (The Center brings in more than $10M each year from grants and sponsors) .
Joslyn Castle Institute for Sustainable Communities Established by the University of Nebraska College of Architecture
MIT An leader in colleges that endorses environmentally responsible operations, development of new and renewed facilities, and education.
Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide, University of Minnesota The Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide educates and assists architects, building owners, occupants, educators, students, and the general public concerning sustainable building design.
Stanford University LEED recognized for CFC Reduction in HVAC&R Equipment, website describing Stanford's plan for CFC phase-out.
University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture
(512) 471-1922
Provides classes that focus on sustainability and the environment.
Western Behavioral Sciences Institute Independent, nonprofit organization devoted to research, education and advanced study in human affairs. Current projects apply global communications technology to distance learning, policymaking, and the formation of influential communities of scholars, scientists and leaders. The general mission is to make more humanitarian use of the Internet.
Yestermorrow Design/Build School Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, Vermont offers over 150 hands-on courses per year in design, construction, woodworking, and architectural craft and offers a variety of courses concentrating in sustainable design and green building.


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