Funding & Partnerships

Advanced Technology Program

(800) 287-3863
Cost-sharing program designed by the gov't to work in partnership with industry to foster the development of challenging technologies offering the potential for significant economic benefits for the nation. Includes 1 general and 7 targeted competitions. The Housing Cooperative Research Program invites proposals that expedite the development and use of advanced housing technologies that improve home quality, affordability, durability, energy efficiency and environmental performance. Open to profit and nonprofit organizations.
Alameda County Waste Management Authority

(510) 614-1699

Available for innovative projects that promote source reduction, decrease the amount of waste disposed in Alameda County landfills, and encourage the development, marketing and use of recycled content products.Ê
California Energy Commission, CEC State agency sponsors conferences, tech resources, and grant programs. Offers a free grants e-newsletter "Program Opportunity Notice and Contract Announcement" from website. Can download some CED Grant applications. Also hosts an Energy Business Directory and a seachable database of relative rebates and other incentive programs, offered to agricultural, industrial and residential energy users.
Smart Communities Network: Funding Opportunities Frequently updated list of public and private sources for grants and other funding opportunities for research and building projects in sustainable design and development, municipal energy financing and other partnership opportunities.
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) For a free subscription to EDF's very informative weekly "e-letter" go to the website. This watchdog organization keeps you apprised of all levels of environmental news, including funding, sponsorships and "e" litigations.
Environmental Organization Web Directory Trusts and Funds click Business and Trust. Comprehensive list of environmentally-oriented trusts and funding mechanisms. Many of the trusts and funds on the list pertain to a specific geographic area.
Funders Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities

(305) 667-6350

Organization comprised of grant funders launched in 1999. Informs and strengthens philanthropic funders' abilities to help organizations build better communities through smarter growth policies and practices. Organization is not a funder or grant giver. The list of its member foundations appears on the Network's website.
Home Depot

(404) 433-8211
Home Depot supports research in forestry, green building and recycling. They are also interested in youth-oriented or educational programs. They also have a Team Depot that does volunteer work in the community. To receive assistance from Team Depot on your project contact general manager of your local store.
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives Literature and links. An association of more than 300 local governments dedicated to the prevention and solution of local, regional and global environmental problems through local action. Founded in 1990 under the sponsorship of the United Nations Environmental program, ICLEI does issue Grant applications/ RRP's from time to time.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Provides $14 million over the next 7 years for multidisciplinary K-12 science curricula related to environmental issues.

Seattle City Light Energy Smart Design Cash Incentive Reimbursement for energy-efficient windows, insulation, refrigeration, pumps, and energy controls in commercial buildings.
Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) SEPA (Formerly known as UPVG, the Utility Photovoltaic Group) is a membership organization led by electric service providers from 8 countries working together to advance the use of solar photovoltaic power. Their membership list is a good place to look for prospective funding partners. An informative 10-page article "Financing PV" is available on the website.
Sustainable Communities Network (SCN) This organization provides a variety of resources for sustainability-oriented community developers who want to connect with like-minded federal, state and private organizations. The "Funding Sources" link provides a list of resources most of whom are interested in funding residential projects rather than commercial. The "SNC Partnership" link lists related sustainability organizations.
Sustainable "The online community for green business. Now in our 8th year [2004], we connect people with environmentally conscious employers in Green Dream Jobs; help people invest in sustainable companies through our monthly newsletter, Progressive Investor, and help green businesses find partners and investors. We also post the top daily sustainable business and investor news, stocks, events, in our online magazine, Sustainable Business Insider." (source:
WWW Virtual Library: Sustainable Development Comprehensive list of internet sites dealing with sustainable development, including organizations, projects and activities, electronic journals, libraries, references and documents, and databases. No direct references to funding opportunities, but many of the projects cited list their funding resources/partners. Linked to
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