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Armstrong World Industries Recipient of the first annal Gifford Pinchot award which recognizes a forest products company that has demonstrated a strong commitment to the environment through tree planting, sustainable forest conservation and environmental education."
CABNlist is used to find sources of green building materials.
Building Products on ebuild ebuild - The Professional's Guide to Building Products
Find building products, materials, and tools for home construction in the world's largest interactive building product guide.
ecolist A free on-line directory for products, services, job opportunities, travel, apparel, and many more...
ECO Services International Green Pages A global directory for environmental technology comprising of manufacturers, engineering consultants and information services. Indexed by: 'Organisations, Publications & Events,' 'Water & Waste Water Treatment Waste Management & Recycling,' 'Cleanup & Soil Rehabilitation,' 'Air Pollution Control & Noise Protection,' 'Power Generation & Energy Efficiency,' 'New & Renewable Energy Technologies'
EcoMall The EcoMall site is the world's largest environmental shopping center and expo.
Energy Save Partnership Program: Volume Purchase Program This program brings together manufacturers and public or private sector buyers to facilitate the best prices on volume purchases of high performance appliances and building equipment. This program enables DOE to meet its goal of increasing the number of high -performance and emerging technologies into the marketplace at a faster rate.
Energy Star Service and Product Providers

1 (888) STAR-YES

Directory of allied professionals. Organizations that participate in any EPA partnership programs have a history of reducing energy consumption in buildings. Program participants receive technical assistance, customized support services, public relations assistance and access to a broad range of tools in order to reduce their buildings total energy consumption.
ForestWorld Comprehensive resource on forest certification and FSC-certified wood products. Also includes lots of background information on global forestry, news, job listings, and lots more.
green building supply logoGreen Building Supply
1 (800)-405-0222
Green Building Supply is "a one-stop-shop for all your natural and eco-home building products. You can quickly and effortlessly browse through hundreds of natural and non-toxic products -- everything is well organized and clearly defined" (
Green Fusion The Green Fusion Design Center is a unique retail store, gallery and education center featuring green building materials and natural home furnishings, a book store, and a marketing galley for our partners, products, and services. For both the novice and profession green builder, we are here to offer products and information for creating healthier environments - commercial and residential.
The Natural Paint Place "We offer non-toxic alternatives for home decorating. From wall & ceiling paints, primers, enamel lacquers, varnishes, floor & furniture oils to natural paint strippers, thinners, polishes and waxes. Ideal for the chemically senstive, asthma sufferers, pregnant women, children and environmentalists.
Natural Paints are free from toxic solvents, are based on plants and minerals and meet the Australian Standard AS1580." ( The Natural Paint Place is affiliated with Energy and Water Solutions Pty Ltd., a company that offers consulting services to create green homes and businesses. View their entry in our Consulting Resources Section.
Nature Neutral Nature Neutral offers environmentally preferable products and building supplies for construction, renovation and everyday living. We believe our alternative building materials offer the best combination of quality, safety, and affordability to make your home or business healthier and more environmentally friendly for everyone who lives or works there.
3r Living 3r Living is a home and lifestyle store dedicated to “Future Friendly Products”. The products that you’ll find both in the store and online are carefully chosen for their content. Some companies that 3r Living works with reduce the amount of waste generated
during the manufacturing process. Some reuse unwanted or discarded items. Some recycle raw materials to form completely new and unique products. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 3r.

RecycleNet Forums:
Recycler's World
Fiberglass World
Wood World
The Rubber Room
House of Glass
Textile FiberSpace
Plasticx Universe
Global Recycling Network

RecyleNet Corporation is a group of trading sites for information related to recyclable commodities, by-products, used & surplus items. RecycleNet sites do not trade or handle commodities, but provide a free marketplace for buying and selling recyclable and salvaged materials. The Used Building Materials Exchange at is LEED recognized for Resource Reuse.
Pacific Coast Building Products Product and material information
Real Goods
1 (800) 762-7325
This sustainable/renewable retail store, training center and catalog company recently opened its Solar Living Center: the world's largest straw bale-insulated and solar-powered building. This building is a terrific example of an education demonstration project built through partnerships.
Steelcase Has formal design objectives that they have integrated into their global product development process called Design for the Environment.
Sustainable Products Corporation Comprehensive manual describing hundreds of sustainable construction products and services. More impressive than the manual is the list of 50+ major sponsors for their June 22-23, 2001 conference.
USG Manufacturer of building materials for the construction and remodeling industries.
See also the Green Building Pages Materials Database.


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