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Marilyn Miller Farmer, AIA, LEED AP, Director of Green Building Pages, is a member of the following professional organizations seeking to create sustainable design:

U. S. Green Building Council Member
National Association of Home Builders

Sustainable Building Industry Council
Co-op America
Mission Statement
Green Building Pages, Inc. is an on-line, sustainable design and decision-making tool for building industry professionals and environmentally and socially responsible consumer. Green Building Pages’ mission is to create a clear, concise, public format for communicating comprehensive, current, and transparent information to enable building industry professionals and consumers seeking a healthy, sustainable lifestyle to choose building materials that preserve health, the environment, and whose production and manufacture processes promote social equity and economic sustainability.

Executive Summary
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The Green Building Pages has evolved over ten years as a part of the sustainable design and architecture practice of Marilyn Miller Farmer, AIA, LEED AP, and Habitat Studio, Architecture & Planning. The research and development for this web resource guide has been in collaboration with numerous professionals involved in the building industry as well as many others vitally interested in preserving the environment and in creating a sustainable world.

Green Building Pages has been developed with a comprehensive list of over 56 criteria categories, in the following main categories:
Production & Manufacture
Installation, Use & Maintenance
End of Product Life
Company Social Profile
Sustainable Achievements
With a format that provides current, comprehensive, easily accessible, and totally transparent information about building materials, product life-cycles, manufacturing processes and company policies, the Green Building Pages offers users the opportunity and ability to make fully informed decisions in the selection of sustainable building materials.


Habitat Studio, Sustainable Design, Architecture & Planning, Marilyn Miller Farmer, AIA, LEED AP
San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority
Central Coast Recycling Market Development Zone
San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors
Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo County
Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara
The Sustainability Project, Santa Barbara
Central Coast Chapter of American Institute of Architects

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Jessica Adinolfi
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Kathy Fortenberry
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Todd Farmer (Programming / Database Design)
Jason Miller
Davila Parker-Garcia
Wojtek Szczerba


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