2008 Benchmarking Sustainability Awards

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Celebrating Sustainable Product Achievements

January, 2009

Green Building Pages is pleased to announce the following 2008 Benchmarking Sustainability Awards recognizing product manufacturers for achievements in minimizing their global environmental impacts in order to create a sustainable building industry and world.

The following companies and products are recognized for exemplary performance according to the Green Building Pages Benchmarking Sustainability evaluation criteria in alignment with the ASTM-E2129 Standard Practice for Data Collection for Sustainable Building Products and the Sustainable Materials Rating Technology (SMaRT) building product consensus standard recognized by the USGBC

GBP Benchmarking Sustainability and GBP Evaluation Criteria for more detailed information regarding evaluation criteria for these awards.

2008 Production & Manufacturing Award

GLI Systems, RainTube earned the highest credits in the Production & Manufacturing Award category for the following achievements:

  • Reducing the impacts of Inputs and Outputs
  • Reducing the use of Water and Energy
  • Reducing Green House  and Ozone Depleting Gases
  • Reducing  Packaging, and
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of Transportation in the Production & Manufacturing processes.


2008 Installation, Use & Maintenance Award


Seven products share the Installation, Use & Maintenance Award all achieving total possible credits in this life cycle category.  The criteria for this award includes Low Embodied Energy, Non-Toxic Materials, No / Low-VOC's, Energy Efficiency during Installation, Use & Maintenance, and  finally, excellent Durability and Performance. 

2008 End Of Product Life Award

The End of Product Life Award is based on easy disassembly for alternate disposal, product reclamation programs, and products that are reusable, recyclable and non-toxic/ biodegradable at the End of Product Life. Recipients of this 2008 Earth Day Award are:

Liberty Valley Rediscovered Wood Doors

GLI Systems, RainTube

Pacific Coast Lumber, Urban Forestry Products

2008 Social Sustainability Award

GLI Systems, RainTube is the recipient of the 2008 Social Sustainability Award for corporate responsibility and social sustainability measures including:

  • Protecting worker health and safety
  • Providing Environmental Education to employees and public
  • Providing Living Wages to all employees,
  • Establishing  Gender Equity and Diversity policies and goals, and
  • Monitoring company sustainability performance by compiling an annual
  • Sustainability Report available to the public.


2008 Innovative Achievement Award


The 2008 Innovative Achievement Award is presented to two companies who have created company programs that have significantly reduced environmental impacts of their operations.

Herman Miller
    My Studio

Herman Miller received the top rating of 100 percent in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's annual Corporate Equality Index; Sustainable Business 20 List;moved up to No. 14 on CRO magazine's annual listing of "100 Best Corporate Citizens."

     Bentley Prince Street Cool Carpet

Interface participates in the U.S. EPA's SmartWay Transport, Business for Social Responsibility's Green Freight Group and have a Transportation Working Group.They have planted over 62,000 trees to off-set the CO2 emissions from their product transportation.

2008 Global Climate Product Award

The 2008 Global Climate Product Award recipient, GLI Systems RainTube, is a leader in the building industry in making positive contributions in addressing climate change by :

  • Energy use reduction,
  • Renewable on-site energy,
  • Reduction of greenhouse and ozone depleting gas emissions
  • Off-setting CO2 emissions


2008 Sustainable Product Award

The 2008 Sustainable Product Award recipient is
GLI Systems, RainTube receiving the highest honor and GBP credits- 689 of 1000 total possible, giving RainTube a GOLD Green Building Pages achievement level.   RainTube was also a winner in 5 of 6 other Benchmarking Sustainability Award categories.

The complete, transparent product information illustrating RainTube's top performance over the entire GBP criteria categories can be viewed in progressively more detail following the links to their profile information below.

RainTube Highlights the main achievement categories of RainTube with percentage performance in each criteria category shown with gray % bar indicators. Click on <More Information> at the bottom of this page for more information.

RainTube Summary Page provides product information in all criteria categories. Click on <More Information> at the bottom of this page for complete detailed product information in each sub-criteria category.

RainTube Details Page shows the entire product evaluation over all GBP criteria categories along with credits achieved in each category and over all credit totals. Click on <More Information> at the bottom of this page for full transparent information about RainTube and GLI Systems below.

RainTube Product Profile Pages show complete transparent product and company profile information including GBP questions and RainTube's complete responses.


2008 Benchmarking Sustainability Awards


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